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Protective Mouthguards

Did you know that the American Dental Association recommends wearing a mouthguard for children and adults participating in many recreational activities? This is due to the fact that many sports can cause blows to the teeth, causing injury to the lips, tongue, face, or jaw. Wearing a protective mouthguard can reduce the severity of such injuries. Having a protective mouthguard custom made from your dental office is simple, quick and easy, taking only 2 short visits. Call us today for more information. You may also find related information at click on 'manage your oral health', then click 'dental emergencies'.

What is Periodontal Disease?

In short, periodontal disease is a disease of the gum and bone matter around the tooth or teeth. Gingivitis is an early form of periodontal disease which can be treated with professional teeth cleanings, a prescribed antibacterial rinse and a strict home care regimen. If left untreated, gingivitis can lead into periodontitis. Many factors play a role in contributing to periodontal disease. The dental hygienists at our office are highly skilled in treating periodontal patients. In some cases, Arestin® may be administered into a periodontal pocket when the patient is undergoing their deep cleaning (Scaling and Root Planning) treatment. Arestin® contains microspheres of the antibiotic Minocycline and studies have confirmed this therapy to be highly effective. We are proud to offer Arestin® to our patients.

What is Oraqix®?

Oraqix provides effective needle-free anesthesia during deep cleaning procedures (Scaling and Root Planning) and periodontal maintenance cleanings. It is applied topically at and below the gum line. It is very effective and is a nice alternative to those regular needles often used for deep cleaning procedures. Oraqix® is also site specific, allowing the dental hygienist to better control the placement of anesthetic so numbness is not experienced in areas that may not be worked on. Ask one of our hygienists about oraqix® if your are intested in learning more.

Preventative Care Appointments

Preventative care appointments protect your oral health and help to prevent future dental emergencies. A typical preventative appointment at our office includes:

At Dr. Linda Fukuda's office, we recommend a preventative care appointment every three, four, or six months for better oral health.

Your Child's Oral Health

Your child's first dental visit should start as soon as teeth appear. Even if it is just riding up and down in the dental chair, it is a great way to introduce your child to the dental office environment. By the age of two, a teeth cleaning and exam, to detect cavities and a flouride treatment are recommended to start your little one on the path to great oral heath.

Teeth Whitening

Our office offers three types of teeth bleaching options. All are very safe and extremely effetive in lightening discolored teeth. Our trained staff can help you to determine which of the three options would best suit you. We currently offer:

Traditional take home bleaching system. Requires two appointments roughly two weeks apart. The first to determine if you are a good teeth whitening candidate and if so, take impressions of your upper and lower teeth. Our office will have custom fit bleaching trays made for you. Your second visit will be to try in your trays and go over bleaching instructions.

Zoom® This teeth whitening procedure is performed in our office and takes approximately two hours and also requires two visits. The first to discuss whether or not your are a good teeth whitening candidate and if so, take impressions of your upper and lower teeth (a short appointment). We will have fabricated, custom fit bleaching trays for your 'at-home' touchups. During this two week period, you may also be instructed to use a special tooth paste to help reduce tooth sensitivity. At the second visit, our Zoom® certified staff member will isolate your gums and prep your teeth for three 15 minute light-activated sessions. We will take 'before and after' pictures for you to take home, in addition to discussing your post teeth whitening instructions. To learn more about Zoom® give us a call or visit

Dash® chair-side teeth whitening. This teeth whitening option is very similar to Zoom with the difference being that Dash does not require light to activate the bleach. This system is a nice alternative to those who may have more tooth sensitivity. This procedure also requires two visits.

Grinding Your Teeth?

Many people grind and clench their teeth from time to time. This is medically termed as bruxism. While occasional teeth grinding or lenching does not usually cause harm, excessive grinding can have negative effects on the teeth, gums, jaw, head, and neck. Why is it done? Stress and anxiety can be a factor, however, an abnormal bite, missing or crooked teeth can also be a contributor. Since many individuals grind their teeth at night, they are often unaware they even have this habit. It is often heard by a loved one who hears the grinding taking place. Some telltale signs that you may be grinding are: a constant dull headache, sore jaw, tenderness in front of the ears or visible wear on your teeth (wear facets). If you suspect your are grinding, let us know. A comfortable, custom fit night-guard can be fabricated for either your upper or lower teeth to help eliminate many of the effects bruxing can leave behind.