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Dental Fear

At Linda Fukuda DDS we treat even the most fearful patients. We feel that dental fears are completely normal. In fact, in a 2001 article published by the Journal of Dental Education, of the adult population in this study, 40% admitted to being fearful of the dentist. That's quite a bit! Dr. Fukuda has been treating fearful patients for over 23 years and one of the best ways she can help you overcome your dental fear is by listening, providing accurate detailed information about your treatment, and discussing comfort preferences. We realize the significance of dental fear and as dental providers, it is our goal to encourage excellence in oral healthcare. When dental fears are present, often times it hinders one's willingness to pursue dental treatment. As a result, dental conditions worsen and can often lead to dental emergencies. We don't want this for you! Rather, we hope that you have confidence in us, knowing that your dental care will be comfortable and pleasant. Dr. Fukuda's gentle touch and caring demeanor puts even the most fearful patient at ease.

If you are faced with dental fear, we invite you to visit our practice. Dr. Fukuda is available for consultations to answer any questions and concerns you may have.